C. W. Langley

Illustrated by
C.W. Langley

Copyright © 2011


Jenny loved the holiday times in the big city…


With the hustle and bustle of shopping, parties, and get-togethers,
 it was the most exciting time of the year in New York City.


From the lighting of the big tree at Rockefeller Center till after the beginning of the new year,
everyone seemed to be in a different mood…
A mood caused by the magic of Christmas!



Jenny’s mom picked a theme each year for the Christmas decorations
 in their brownstone apartment. This year, it was “A Country Christmas”.



They had picked out a real pine tree at the Christmas Tree stand,
and it even had pine cones still on it!
Jenny loved the smell of fresh pine it gave their second floor home.



It reached all the way to the ceiling of their living room, and was decorated with
 strings of fresh berries, Holly leaves, tinsel, red bows, electric candle lights,
 and beautiful glass ornaments. 


With the dry cold weather, Jenny’s mom had been leaving the window cracked
 open to let fresh air circulate so their house wouldn’t become stale.



This morning, there was a surprise waiting outside the window when
Jenny looked out…. It had SNOWED last night!

Jenny sat at the open window and watched the fresh white snowflakes still swirling around
in the cold air outside and occasionally one would blow in and tickle her on the nose.


Then, Jenny noticed something strange… tiny wet footprints on the inside of the
window sill and leading across the table beside the window.

(Puzzled Jenny looking closely at little wet footprints)

But who’s were they?  Where did they come from? Jenny had a mystery to solve.

(bowl of walnuts & toy soldier nutcracker nearby)

Jenny’s mom always had a bowl of assorted nuts sitting on her table for holiday guests to enjoy, and a big Nutcracker Soldier to crack the nuts open with.

(different viewpoint showing nut shells behind bowl and  wet footprints leading to them and away to edge of table)

Jenny’s eyes followed the tiny, mysterious footprints over to the bowl, and she noticed some empty nut shells on the table behind the bowl at the feet of the Nutcracker! Someone had eaten some nuts and left a mess!

(Jenny brushing shells to edge of table holding trashcan looking over shoulder at tree)

As Jenny reached over and pulled the trash can over to brush the nut shells into, she heard a strange sound coming from the Christmas Tree.

(Jenny walking towards tree cautiously)

Jenny suspected she had found who had made the tiny wet footprints and had eaten the nuts, leaving behind their shells and she slowly moved towards the tree.

(Jenny looking startled with “rays of sound” emanating from tree)

Suddenly, Jenny heard a barking sound warning her not to come closer! Jenny had never heard a noise like it before. She couldn’t imagine what had hidden in her Christmas tree!

(obvious picture)

A red bow shook and Jenny saw a grey bushy tail waving back and forth behind it as the barking got louder.

(obvious picture)

Jenny then saw her little visitor as a bushy-tailed grey squirrel poked his head out from under the red bow and barked at Jenny like she was invading his home!

(Jenny smiling getting closer to tree)

Jenny smiled as her little visitor continued to warn her not to come closer! “Hello little fellow!” Jenny said trying to calm him down.

(showing closeup of tree where squirrel had been)

Jenny’s innocent childish voice calmed the little squirrel’s fears as he stopped barking at her and disappeared back inside the tree. The branches shook as he moved out of sight.

(Jenny around on side of tree looking in as squirrel jumps out towards window)

As Jenny circled around to try and see where he had disappeared to, suddenly he jumped out of the tree and ran for the open window where he had sneaked in, and Jenny saw her bushy-tailed new friend disappear out the open window and into the snowy tree outside.

(Jenny placing some shelled walnuts on window sill)

Jenny hoped that she would see her little friend again, so she left him some shelled nuts on the window sill to invite him to come back for another visit, and the window was always open!

(wet footprints across table)

The next morning, the nuts had disappeared, so Jenny knew her furry friend had come back! And once again, there were tiny wet footprints headed in the direction of the tree.

(lonely Jenny reading book on sofa)

Jenny was glad to have her new little friend, because sometimes the big city can be a difficult place to make friends!

(distant smiling Jenny by tree w/ squirrel looking at her)

“Good Morning Mr. Squirrel!”, Jenny said cheerfully as she kneeled near the tree. A branch shook, and a grey furry head poked out of the tree.

(closeup Jenny looking at squirrel and him looking back at her)

But he wasn’t barking this time. Just looking at Jenny.

(Jenny putting small plate of shelled nuts below tree on Xmas tree skirt)

“Here’s some more nuts for you Mr. Squirrel.” Jenny said as she put a saucer with a few nuts below the tree.

(squirrel cautiously approaching small plate of nuts)

In one quick move, the little head disappeared in the tree and soon he was cautiously moving to the little plate of nuts while keeping an eye on Jenny and flipping his tale with each step.

(Jenny looking towards doorway of living room)

Jenny heard her mother calling her, “Jenny! Are you ready to go Christmas shopping today? Did you make your list?”

(closeup Jenny’s hand grabbing list on table)

Jenny jumped up and ran to her bedroom where she had written a list of gifts she wanted to buy for her teacher and family. “Got it Mom!” she replied.

(Jenny going out the door with coat on looking back over her shoulder, waving her gloved hand)

“OK! Let’s go!” her Mom replied as they put their coats, scarves and boots on. Jenny glanced at the tree as they headed out the door and waved goodbye to her little friend as he nibbled away at the nuts she had given him.

(coming thru the door carrying lots of shopping bags with wrapped packages in them)

Jenny and her Mom returned late in the evening with their arms loaded with packages after shopping all day!

(Jenny’s hand taking ahold of the saucer with Xmas packages nearby)

Jenny took her packages over to the tree as her Mom took off her coat in the hallway. Jenny grabbed the empty saucer so her Mom wouldn’t question why it was there!

(lit tree with piles of colorful packages beneath)

The tree looked so nice with all of the packages they had bought during their day exploring NYC!

(Jenny yawning on sofa)

Jenny was very tired after shopping and walking all day. “Off to bed Jenny!” her Mom called from the hallway.

(Lit tree glowing in darkened room with packages beneath)

Jenny turned off the living room lights leaving the beautiful Christmas tree glowing in the darkened room.

(Jenny in her bed with a worried look on her face)

In the night, Jenny was wakened by a sound from the living room interrupting her dreams of “sugar plums dancing in her head”. Maybe it was
Santa Claus?!

(Jenny in nightgown sneaking out of her bedroom door into darkened hallway)

Jenny slowly and quietly went towards the living room to sneak a peek and see if Santa was there!

(darkly dressed ominous man with hat kneeling by tree reaching for packages)

As she peeked into the darkened living room, Jenny was surprised to see a strange man taking packages instead of leaving some!

(Jenny with her hand to her mouth and shocked look on her face by door to living room)

Jenny let out a gasp of surprise at the sight of this tall big stranger in her home!

(man looking directly at reader with mask on his face reaching towards reader)

The burglar wasn’t happy to see he had been caught and he began to reach for Jenny to silence her!

(squirrel jumping out from near the top of the tree with legs outstretched and mouth open, to attack the burglar, aiming for his hat.)

Suddenly Jenny’s little furry friend came flying out of the Christmas tree to come to the rescue of his new friend!

(squirrel wrapped around the man’s head and hat and man falling backwards surprised)

The burglar was shocked and surprised at the barking squirrel attacking his head and fell, knocking over the lamp table with a crash!

(Jenny’s Mom turning on lights looking shocked by the doorway to the living room)

Jenny’s Mom came running to see what the commotion was in her living room.

(closeup phone being dialed)

She grabbed the phone and dialed 911 to bring the police…

(burglar curled up on floor trying to protect himself with the squirrel wrapped around his hat and head)

as the shocked burglar struggled to stop the creature that was scratching and attacking him.

(policeman coming thru the front door as Jenny’s mom holds it open)

Luckily, there was a policeman nearby on patrol and he was there quickly to arrest the intruder who had been caught red handed!

(squirrel jumping back up in tree)

With the arrival of the policeman, the squirrel made his exit back into the tree!

(Jenny’s Mom sitting on sofa with her arm around Jenny, looking down at Jenny)

“Where did that brave heroic squirrel come from?” her mother asked Jenny.

(Jenny smiling up at her mother with policeman taking away handcuffed burglar in the background)

“He’s my new best friend!” Jenny replied.

(large squirrel with red ribbon and bow around his neck happily eating bowl of nuts on table with Jenny on one side and her mom on the other looking at him and smiling.)


(of a beautiful friendship!)