Relationship Fun Fact

Friday Relationship Fun Fact #1: Hey guys!! If you wanna impress a real “woman”, here are just a couple of tips, compliments of your Passion Kissin Bug:

1. CALL the girl, don’t be lazy and text her.


Call her! Don’t Text!

2. YOU make plans on the first date, don’t ask her what she wants to do.

3. DON’T text her late night to come over (especially when its the ONLY text you’ve sent her ALL DAY), a real woman is never just a booty call !!!

4. BE a gentleman and tell her she is beautiful (ALOT), make her feel special :)

5. BE interested in what she likes and listen to her! Women want to know you remember things.

6. MAKE her feel like a queen everyday, show her that she’s worth it !!

Make NO mistake…a REAL WOMAN will never settle for less than what she is worth and what she deserves!

- written by the lovely Li Elena

About Erinn (KissinBug)

A Passion-driven single mom of an energetic teenage son working hard to live our lives to the fullest with Passion and Love!
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