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Greetings and welcome to my webhome.
This is my personal website where you can find out a little bit about me,
or click thru to my
"Cakery" website showing some of the best cakes
I've made over the 45 years that I've been baking special occasion
cakes. Or you can go to my
"Beadman" website showing some of the
glass bead creations which I've made as one of my hobbies or see some
of my painting artwork on the
"Artwork" page!
I'm a big guy, born in 1954 in Central Illinois. I was married for 21
years and am the father of 2 great daughters and a grandson who still
live in the St. Louis area. I moved to New York City following the
World Trade Center incident in 2001 where I worked for 4 years at
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals headquarters providing deskside support.
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