Surgery Update

I suppose it is time I posted an update after my hip replacement surgery on May 28th. Everything went perfectly, and I was in minimal pain, thanks to great morphine! Much to my surprise, I was ready to be discharged only 3 days after my surgery. The weather forecast for that weekend the first of June was for temperatures to be in the 90’s and I did not have a working air conditioner at my apartment. After putting out a message on Facebook asking if anyone had an old air conditioner they were not using, my former boss lady from 7 years ago came to my rescue. She and her husband went and bought me a new air conditioner, complete with an extended warranty! They also came to the hospital to escort me home upon my discharge, and he installed the air conditioner. They even went to the drug store and picked up my prescriptions I had been given at the hospital and brought back some fresh milk!

The social worker at the hospital had arranged for a Visiting Nurse to come to my home to assess my needs and she determined that I needed nursing care and home physical therapy for the first 2 weeks, which was completely paid for by my insurance. Everything continued to improve just as quickly at home, and before long, I was venturing outside for walks and began using my cane less around the house. There was no sign of any infection and the incision healed quickly with the staples removed 2 weeks post surgery by the visiting male nurse.

The following week, I was doing so well, that I was walking completely without my cane and was completely off of taking the morphine pain pills, only taking regular tylenol. I walked around a double block without using my cane and was getting stronger every day. I had a potential job opportunity open up and I knew I needed to be ready to wear real shoes for my interview. I tried wearing real shoes for the first time 2 weeks ago, but after going to the bathroom, as I was turning around to flush it, the rubber soles on them grabbed the floor and I turned but my foot didn’t, and my new hip joint got twisted and popped… and I was in instant excruciating pain… I could barely walk on it. Before that, I was walking with no cane and not taking any of the heavy duty pain pills anymore. After that, I had to go back to taking them if I’m going out, and walking with my cane again.

I tried going out to take care of some errands like getting my prescriptions refilled and getting some groceries, but I couldn’t get any further than the front door to my building and I had to go back home and lay down and take some morphine again. I tried going out again the next day, but was only able to make it one block and had to turn around and come back. After resting the next day, I was finally able to make my planned trek the following day with lots of pain pills and taking my time, barely making it back home.

After taking it easy for a week, it wasn’t getting any better, so I decided I needed to go see my surgeon to see what happened. I went to my orthopedist on Wed to have him check it… He x-rayed it and said it looks just fine.. He said it must have been soft tissue damage and just needed time and rest to heal… So that’s what I’ve been doing. With the heat wave over the 4th of July weekend, I’ve been very thankful once again for my air conditioner. I plan on going out to give things a try again tomorrow and see how things go.

It’s taken me 2 weeks and I’m almost back, but still not there. It pisses me off so much that I had this setback because I was doing so wonderfully up until one stupid move set me back.

I can’t go back to seeing movies yet because the movie theater seats are so low, and with the new hip joint, I can’t get up out of low seats because it puts too much pressure on the hip. I’m not sure how long it will be till I’m well enough to do that again, but as soon as I can, I’ll get back to writing my reviews!

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