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Back in 1984, the Miner’s Union in England went on strike against the government for better working conditions and higher wages, much the same as the FAA workers went on strike here in the USA against Ronald Reagan.
Gays collect money

At the Gay Pride in London 1984, gay marchers began collecting donations to support the miners.

Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s Prime Minister refused to negotiate with the unions in an effort to break them the same as Reagan did in America. The strikes went on for a year, but the miners continued their picketing even though entire villages were on the verge of starving. “PRIDE” is the story of how a group of young gays in London felt a camaraderie with the miners due to the way the government, police, and general public were unfairly treating them and decided to collect money to help support the miners’ strike efforts.

gay collections

With collection buckets, the young gay group began collecting money to help support the miners.

Marching through the streets of London for the Gay Pride in 1984, the small group of gays carried buckets and started collecting funds for to give to the mine workers. However, when they contacted the mine workers around London, they were hesitant to accept the money from the “poofters”, so at the suggestion of one of their members who was born in Wales, they contacted a random small mining town in Wales who was happy to accept their assistance.

Upon arriving in the small Welsh town, the local people weren’t quite as sure as they had been on the phone about associating themselves with the outcasts from London, but money was money, and the social boundaries soon began to blur as they found commonality in their efforts and causes. “PRIDE” is a wonderful movie about life in the 1980’s including the music and the challenges.


3 persons depicted in the film attended the screening. Jonathan Blake on the left is now in his 60’s and was the second person in England to be diagnosed with HIV.

I attended the red carpet premiere here in New York City and the director, producer, and some of the actors were in attendance. At the end of the film, three of the actual people depicted in the movie had flown in from the UK to attend the special event. In the UK, when the AIDS epidemic began, as people were diagnosed with the disease, they were assigned a case number beginning with #1. One of the gay men depicted in the movie was #2, the second person in the UK to be diagnosed, and now he is in his 60’s and attended the screening.

Pride posterThe most heartening theme of this film is the fact that due to the support that the gays and lesbians provided to help the miners survive during the long exhausting strike and lockout, when the issues of gay rights came up in the British Parliament, the representatives from the various mining districts across Britain were very supportive and instrumental in getting the gay rights legislation approved by Parliament.

The video below is actual recorded footage from 1984 showing the real people involved in the G.L.S.M. movement and the miners and their wives from Wales.

“PRIDE” opens at theaters in New York and Los Angeles this weekend and will open on more screens across the country as interest grows. Please post your comments below!

Jonathan Blake (Dominic West) Mark Ashton (Ben Schnetzer)

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