My Review- VEEP, new HBO Comedy!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus stars in this new HBO comedy series, VEEP. Their tagline for the show is “The Buck Stops Somewhere Near Here.”

Essentially, even though it is never actually stated officially, the precept of this show is basically what would it have been like if a certain former governor of Alaska would have actually been placed in the position of being “a heartbeat from being President of the USA”. That’s why it is such a hilarious comedy of errors. It brings to light just how ineffective the office of being Vice-President is, but couple that with the ineptitude of a scatter-brained woman being in that position, and you will find yourself laughing throughout every show.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays Selina Meyer who is now Vice-President after 20 years in Washington. She is surrounded by her entourage of handlers who do their best to get her where she is supposed to be and to say the things she is supposed to say. In the opening episode, she has taken up the mission to get all of the eating utensils in the government office buildings replaced with eco-friendly utensils which are produced from biodegradable corn starch. By doing so, thinking she is supporting a great cause that no one could possibly have a problem with, she finds herself pissing off the OIL LOBBY, which of course has every senator and representative on their payroll, and she’s suddenly being attacked from every side as if she has fallen into a hornet’s nest! To top it off, when she hosts a reception to introduce the new utensils, as soon as they are put in a cup of hot coffee, they warp and fall apart, just like her campaign and endorsement soon do. That’s only one small example of the outrageous story-lines that take place.

In my opinion, the only thing they could have done to make this show possibly funnier and more “on point” would have been to have Tina Fey playing the lead role, recreating her fantastic impressions of the joke that was almost our Vice President. VEEP will be airing on Sunday nights on HBO. There’s alot of use of the F-word so it is intended for adult audiences.

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