My Review- Prometheus

4 buckets of popcorn

4 Buckets of Popcorn
Must See Movie! (if you like Sci-Fi!)
Worth IMAX/3D if available!

“Prometheus” is the latest movie from Ridley Scott, who previously had brought us “ALIENS”, which “Prometheus” is supposed to be a prequel to. The creatures in it bear a strong resemblance to those found in other Sci-fi movies such as “Predator”, “Alien versus Predator”, all of the “Aliens”, so inevitably the plots of the movies being interwoven and connected have been the subject of many Sci-fi discussion blogs. However, what’s good about “Prometheus” is that the story is developed adequately that it stands on its own, even if you don’t know about the other movies which are supposedly part of this storyline.


Searching for our Creator on a far away planet.

Starting out with what is presumed to be “The Dawn of Man”, an alien being, later identified somewhat presumptuously, in my humble opinion, as “The Engineer” is dropped off on an undeveloped young planet by a spaceship, and drinks a black goo substance, which immediately permeates his body and dissolves him as he dives into the raging waters, and his cells begin to grow and develop into what can only be presumed to be, US.

Jumping forward several thousand years brings you to the end of the 21st Century and some explorers discover the latest in a series of cave etchings which have been uncovered around the globe, all from different eras in the life cycle of man, depicting man pointing to the heavens, where there are what appears to be spaceships in the sky and the same grouping of stars in all of the drawings. The archeologists are hired by the Weyland Corporation to join Peter Weyland’s PROJECT PROMETHEUS to explore the universe seeking the origin of “life”.

Jumping forward a few more years finds those same scientists waking up out of stasis on board a spaceship that has traveled across galaxies in search of that particular grouping of planets that were depicted in the cave sketchings. There is an android who has watched over the ship while it was en-route with a large crew of various specialists in their fields, all tasked by the now ancient (and supposedly deceased) Peter Weyland, with fulfilling his mission of finding the source of life.

The search for our creator is a theme that has echoed through the ages, beginning with Adam and Eve after they were expelled from the Garden of Eden for eating from the tree of knowledge. There are many stories throughout the Bible and throughout history of spaceships and beings from other worlds visiting Earth, but if they truly exist, the government has done a very good job of preventing any conclusive evidence from being made public. This movie has sparked many conversations and discussions about just WHO were our creators! And if we did evolve, as portrayed in the movie and per Darwinism, where did our engineers or creators come from, and who made them?

One of the scientist explorers wears a cross necklace symbolizing her faith which she retains, even when she comes face to face with the subject of her life’s work, who has identical DNA sequencing to us. There are so many subplots and little details to pick up on, I’ll give you just a few, such as:
(1)Whether Charlize Theron’s character who is Weyland’s daughter, is actually his biological daughter or is she also an android but she just doesn’t know it?
(2)What is the purpose of the BLACK GOO which is found on the planet?
(3) What caused the demise of the Engineers?
(4) Why were they returning to earth? To help us or to destroy us?
(5) Who’s side is David really on?

There are several different types of alien lifeforms, from facehuggers to what are called xenomorphs, to the Engineers, to worms with acid venom, as well as invisible protagonists, which can only be presumed to be similar to the Predator lifeform from the “Predator” movies.

You can just go to enjoy this Sci-fi thriller for the pure entertainment value, or you can engage your brain and look for the various sub-plots and religious overtones on your own journey in search of the answer to those age-old questions: “Where did we come from?” and “Is there a God?” But if you do enjoy a Sci-fi movie, and a movie that makes you think deep thoughts, you WILL enjoy this movie!


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