My Review- Magic Mike

2 buckets of popcorn

My Rating: 2 Buckets of Popcorn- Good Movie Worth Seeing

For several months, I’ve looked forward to viewing this movie, and tonight was the night I’ve been waiting for. Even though it was, in general, not a bad movie, I have to admit that it didn’t have the type of storyline that grabs your interest and rivets you to your seat in anticipation of what’s going to happen next.
raining men

The opening number for their stripper show is “It’s Raining Men”, in an obvious nod to the gay men in the theater audience!

Yes, there is no shortage of hot, sweaty, glistening MAN FLESH… in fact, the first scene of the movie features the beautiful Channing Tatum crawling out of bed NAKED, and walking into the bathroom full on butt naked! And it IS a gorgeous butt! The whole theater was cheering as if they were at a bachelorette party! You also see plenty of Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer, Alex Pettyfer, Joe Manganiello, and Kevin Nash but the outstanding star of the show has to be Channing, performing some truly amazing moves on the stripper stage.
magic mike
The movie is supposedly loosely based upon Tatum’s experiences in the early days of his career when he did work as a male stripper for about a year before making it big. It takes place in Tampa, Florida and there is some beautiful Florida scenery. Even though Channing Tatum is “Magic Mike”, McConaughey is brilliant in the most natural, perfect role for him that I’ve ever seen in any movie he’s done. There is plenty of grooving music, much of it original scores.

There were times throughout the movie that I was kind of reminded of the classic movie with Richard Gere, “American Gigolo”, but I won’t go into why because I make it a point not to write any “spoilers” in my reviews. I guess it would be fair to say that I had very high expectations for this movie and it just didn’t quite live up to them, but it’s still a good movie that will make millions of women very, very happy, as well as alot of gay men. It’s sadly somewhat predictable, which for me, takes some of the enjoyment out of my moviegoing experience.

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