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2 buckets of popcorn

My Rating: 2 Buckets of Popcorn- Good Movie Worth Seeing… If you like Tom Cruise.

“Jack Reacher” is Tom Cruise’s newest movie putting him in the role of a former military special agent who is called upon by a guy accused of brutally murdering 5 people with a long range rifle, but no one knows why he asked for him because on his way to jail, he is put into a coma. When Jack Reacher hears that the murderer asked for him, he suddenly shows up at police headquarters just as they were trying to figure out how to find him or get in touch with him, hopefully for some answers.

The District Attorney, who is prosecuting the seemingly open-and-shut case has a very diligent adversary who is defending the accused man, who also happens to be his daughter.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher prepares to kick some butt with 5 thugs.

Since Jack Reacher is the only possible glimmer of hope that her client has of proving his innocence, she latches on to him and begs for his assistance, while trying to ascertain his connection to her client. Thus begins a 2 hour adventure of intrigue, twisted plots, car chase scenes, martial arts fighting, shoot-em up gun battles, Tom Cruise shirtless, and of course the ending you don’t see coming.

Tom Cruise and Robert Duvall survey the situation in "Jack Reacher"

Tom Cruise and Robert Duvall survey the situation in “Jack Reacher”

Robert Duvall co-stars as a gun range owner who is a former marine who comes to the aid of Reacher. Rosamund Pike (from “Pride & Prejudice” and “Wrath of the Titans”) plays the defense attorney and daughter to the prosecuting attorney who is played by Richard Jenkins, best known from “Six Feet Under” on HBO.

While “Jack Reacher” has an ok story line and keeps your interest with plot twists, as far as I’m concerned, if you’ve seen one Tom Cruise bang-bang shoot-em up movie, you’ve seen all of them. They may have different cars, different names, and slightly different story lines, but they all seem to be cut from the same mold. Those who love Tom Cruise movies, no matter what he does or what happens will be just as thrilled with this one as they’ve been with “Mission Impossible” series and his other thriller films.

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