Holler “Uncle”….

When I was growing up, my favorite movie has always been “THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN”, because Molly’s attitude throughout the movie was that she was “unsinkable”. In the opening number, she declares to the boys she is rough-housing with, “I ain’t down yet, cause nobody wants me down like I wants me up! I’m gonna learn to read and write! I’m gonna see what there is to see! So if you’re going from no-where on the road to somewhere, and you meet anyone, you’ll know it’s me.” That’s been my attitude throughout my life. Nobody wants me down like I wants me up! But just like Molly, after she’d lost everything, it was time for her to holler “Uncle”, and give up.

I’ve never been a quitter and I’ve never been in a situation that I couldn’t find a way out of. But as I’m typing this blog entry, that is where I find myself now. I’m down and out, and have no place to turn to. I am down to my last $21 and can’t even refill my Metrocard for riding the subway or buses.

I have applied for hundreds of jobs doing technical computer support and administrative assistant work. I’ve applied for pastry jobs. I’ve had opportunities to do websites that fall through. I have applied at website companies who were hiring, but no one wants to hire me. I currently get some money each month from social security disability as a result of surgery I had several years ago and due to my arthritis which includes Medicare for health insurance needs, but since it is not even enough to pay my rent, much less my utilities, medical expenses, etc., each month I go farther and farther in the red and I’m up against the brick wall with no place to turn, so I NEED TO WORK, whether I should be or not. Social services say I make too much to qualify for any assistance other than the paltry amount of food stamps I receive, which was reduced 7 months ago by $80 with no explanation.

I’m a creative writer, as anyone who reads this can attest to. I can do so many things, and do them very well. But I just can’t find a way to get paid for doing them. I can make graphics, design simple websites, fix practically anything that’s wrong with a computer, teach people how to use their computers better, cook almost anything, bake anything, but in order to make anything to sell, you have to be licensed, inspected, approved… so doing that can’t work without jumping through all of the government’s hoops, which means having a commercial kitchen to do it in, which costs money. I’ve done artwork, painting in oils and in acrylics. See my artwork HERE.

Since George Bush and his Repugnican allies decided it was better for people in India and Pakistan and the Philippines to have jobs than for us Americans to be able to work, and outsourced 90% of the jobs that I do to other countries, I’ve been struggling and it just isn’t fair. I want to work. I am capable of working. So are millions of other Americans. But like them, I can’t find a job. I can’t afford to move some place cheaper to live.

Anyway, I had to put this out there in the universe. If anyone knows of anyone who is hiring or jobs available that would let me pay my bills and get back to being able to enjoy living again, let me know. My resumes are online:
My Technical Resume is here.
My Pastry Chef Resume is here.
My Acting & Modeling Resume is here.

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas, I’m all ears. EMAIL ME HERE

I don’t know how someone who has traveled the world, experiencing other cultures, educated with an Associates Degree, who has worked hard all of my life, and have sung my way across Europe twice and on stage in a musical production… Who has delighted thousands of people with my culinary masterpieces from wedding cakes to award winning culinary competitions… Who was competing on a regional team to go to the Culinary Olympics… Who managed a multi-million dollar bakeshop operation overseeing all of the foodservice for millions of air passengers in the 9th busiest airport in the country…. Who kept the computers working perfectly for high level executives at the headquarters of the largest drug company in the world, and went to their homes to interact with their families and maintain and upgrade their home computer systems… How could that person now be on the brink of being homeless and destitute? I can’t understand it. I did everything I was supposed to do to be successful. And yet, here I am….. for now.

Thanks for reading.

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Opinionated Computer Technician, former Pastry Chef, Realtor, and jack of many trades- master of a few. Avid movie goer who attends advance screenings to give his opinion on upcoming movies. Happily divorced father of two daughters and grandson. A small town guy living in the big city of New York.
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