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2 buckets of popcorn

My Rating: 2 Buckets of Popcorn- Good Movie Worth Seeing…

“CUBAN FURY” is a cute import from Britain starring Nick Frost, the British character actor known for such movies as “Shaun of the Dead” in 2005 and more recently “The Adventures of Tin Tin” in 2011 and last year’s “The World’s End”.
Cuban Fury 1

Nick Frost and Rasheda Jones star in “CUBAN FURY”.

Nick plays Bruce Garrett who was a child prodigy in the world of competition salsa dancing in the U.K. until he was bullied by a gang of ruffians on his way to an important competition when he says they, “ripped off a thousand sparkly sequins and made me eat them!” Rashida Jones stars as Bruce’s new American boss, Julia who he would like to date, but he knows that “She’s a 10 and I’m a 2! It would be like a butterfly dating a parsnip!” Then he discovers the one thing they have in common that may provide the bridge between them… She likes Salsa!

There’s just one problem! Bruce has gotten pudgy and out of shape compared to the condition he was in when he was dancing when he was on the top of the Salsa world. The supporting cast consists of:
Chris O’Dowd as Drew, Bruce’s best friend and nemesis.
Olivia Colman as Sam, Bruce’s sister and former dancing partner.
Ian McShane as Ron Parfait, Bruce’s childhood dancing coach.
Wendi McLendon-Covey as Carly, Bruce’s friend from work.
Alexandra Roach as Helen, Bruce’s best friend from work.
Rory Kinnear as Gary, Bruce’s best friend who he hangs out with, and
Kayvan Novak as Bejan, a friend from Salsa class, possibly gay.

Cuban Fury Bruce

Bruce has gotten out of shape since his teenage dancing years.

So Bruce seeks out his former dance coach to get some refresher lessons to put the fire back in his heels so he stands a chance with Julia. Hilarity ensues as Bruce attempts to get his dance fever back while trying to keep his friend, Drew from making his move on Julia before he can get her on the dance floor.

“Cuban Fury” is a funny story of love, inspiration, overcoming adversities and dancing. It’s like the British Latino version of “Step Up” combined with “Dirty Dancing”! It will be released in USA theaters in April. There is some mild sexual innuendo and conversation that may not be appropriate for kids, but otherwise is a funny, feel-good movie.

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