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Uplifting Family Film

Ethan Bortnick is a child prodigy, having begun playing the piano at age 3 and composing songs at age 5, and now he is making his film debut in Anything Is Possible at age 12. Ethan not only stars in the dramatic family film, but also co-composed and performs many of the songs used in telling the story of a family separated by the effects of his mom being active military and being called into service to assist with the tsunami that devastated Japan.

DVD Cover Anything Is PossibleEthan plays ten year old Nathan Peters who pecks out a few notes on his toy piano at the beginning of the movie, but when his mother is reported as missing in action after an accident in Japan, young Nathan begins a journey where he discovers musical genius that he never knew he possessed. Along his journey, Nathan encounters a homeless veteran suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome who nudges Nathan along the right path, watching out for him from the sidelines.

Anything Possible 2When Nathan and his young friends at the foster home he lands in temporarily, discover that it is in danger of closing, Nathan learns a life lesson from one of his friends who convinces him that anything IS possible as they go about figuring out how to solve the problems.

This heartwarming story of hope and family will uplift you through the music, the endearing acting of Ethan and all of the other young actors, and a happy ending that will bring tears to your eyes. It is now available on DVD!

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