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Spring Breakers- My Review

The timing for the release of “Spring Breakers” is perfect if the production company wanted to frighten parents into cancelling their teenage kids’ reservations to be part of this year’s Spring Break in Florida, or if they wanted to ensure … Continue reading

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The Host- My Review

In the newest inter-species love story from Stephanie Meyer, author of the “Twilight” saga, “THE HOST” starts out in the not-to-distant future with Earth being the perfect planet with no pollution, no wars, no crime, nothing but peace and tranquility, … Continue reading

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Family Weekend- My Review & Interviews

When everyone in her family forgets about coming to see her jumping in her school’s jump-roping championship competition and misses seeing her win to advance to the upcoming state championships, in spite of her leaving reminder notes posted everywhere around … Continue reading

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Admission with Tina Fey- My Review

Paul Rudd, Tina Fey, and Lily Tomlin stumble their way through this farcical romantic comedy that doesn’t have much romance or comedy, except a few zingers delivered by Ms. Tomlin. The basic premise of the movie is that everyone in … Continue reading

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The Call with Halle Berry- My Review

It must be nerve wracking and heart wrenching to be a 911 operator and to be listening to people through the phone going through an emergency situation and you can’t do anything more than dispatch the appropriate emergency services to … Continue reading

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Olympus Has Fallen- My Review

I sincerely hope that we never see the graphic images for real that are brilliantly portrayed in the action-thriller movie, “OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN”! Gerard Butler gives the best performance of his career in this non-stop action adventure that does the … Continue reading

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Oz the Great and Powerful- My Review

This is the first movie I’ve seen this year that deserves my 4 BUCKET rating as the first MUST SEE MOVIE of 2013! Sam Raimi has done an amazing job of breathing life into the classic “Wizard of Oz” storyline … Continue reading

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