Carlin W Langley
New York, NY  11377
Phone 917-495-2737
2008      Big Gay Musical Productions, NY, NY
The Big Gay Musical
·         Background Extra for Gay Bar Scenes for movie
Sunnyside Queens
2009       Embrem Entertainment, NY, NY
Violet Tendencies
·         Featured Extra for Gay Bar Scenes for movie- released to theaters 2010- TLA Releasing
Summer look
Winter look
2010       Sharp Left Productions, NY, NY
BearCity, The Movie
·        Background Extra for Bar Scenes for movie- Worldwide distribution- TLA Releasing
2010       Jose Antonio Vincenty Production, NY, NY
Le Sangre
·         Co-star role as a murder victim of a serial killer for movie (now in production)
Special Talents
Former Pastry Chef / Chef; Realtor; Certified EMT, food stylist, wine expert,
and currently Professional Computer Technician.
Well traveled having visited Europe several times, South America, and Mexico, with current US
Speak some French
Musically talented First Tenor
Uninhibited Gay Male (but straight acting is no problem)
Experienced Father & Grandfather
Effective age from 45 to 65, depending on look
Pursue opportunities in film, television, print, and theater
2014       Adam Joseph Music, NY, NY
"What's A Lover To Do" Music Video by Adam Joseph
Adult Baby for Fetish-based Music Video starring Erickatoure Aviance
Sizes & Stats
425 pound male
6' 0" tall
60" waist, 30" inseam
22" neck, 37" sleeve
15 EEE shoes
60 L Suit Coat

Summary of
1972     Greenfield High School, Greenfield, IL                                                    
High School Musical, “Swingin’ High”
·         Understudy to 5 Lead Characters, Chorus
2001     Characters & Co., St. Louis, MO                                                                     
Children of Eden by Stephen Schwartz
Lead Role of God The Father
2005     GeffenRecords, Los Angeles, CA
Bloodhound Gang CD, “Hefty Fine”
Nude model for cover & centerfold of CD
insert. Worldwide Distribution
2005      Axium Productions, NY, NY
The Sopranos
Background Extra for Gay Leather Bar Scene for Season 6